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Meet The Team That Is
Empower Golf Performance

Golf is more than just a simple game played leisurely on a warm sunny day.  It is physically demanding, mentally challenging, and can take many years to perfect - and that's if you are able to stay healthy and injury-free.  Those who are serious about the sport invest time, money, and significant effort in mastering their game.  They also understand the necessity of working with a TEAM of professionals to hone their skills, diagnose their swing, and maintain the optimal functioning of their body.

Empower Golf Performance is currently the ONLY elite golf performance facility in Henderson & Las Vegas to have the full Golf Performance Team as described by Titleist Performance Institute (TPI): Golf Medical, Golf Fitness, and Golf Pro all working in collaboration under one roof!







Our Team at Empower Golf Performance has the knowledge, training, and real-world experience to help you meet your goals and get you playing the best golf of your life!  Whether it's getting you out of pain and back on the course after an injury, improving your flexibility, strength, & endurance, or just fine-tuning your game to improve consistency, we have you covered!